Monitor M8

The professional Resident Audio “Monitor M8“ mid-field Studio Monitor speakers allow you to listen Music through a special Fiber Glass Composite woofer material we seated together. The M-Series is designed to incarnate the natural details of the source material. Multiple input connections are integrated to the speaker and allow any system configuration.

Why Fiber Glass woofer technology?

The Fiber Glass Composite woofer technology features an extremely fat low-frequency response and an unprecedented punch in the lower mid-range. Because of the excellent usage of the Fiber Glass custom woofer technology we are able to break up resonances, resulting in outstanding dynamic behavior and impeccable sound characteristics. The system consists on a 1“ soft dome tweeter and 8" Fiber Glass Composite woofer.


The Resident Audio M8 Studio Monitor is the kindest way with a lot of power, to listen music:

•Fully wood cabinet 

•Supports 35Hz - 35kHz 

• Specific input possibilities: Unbalanced RCA, Balanced 1/4" TRS, Balanced XLR

•Blue LED (front side), changes after 22 to 30 minutes into red and switches to STANDBY mode


Check The M8

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Technical Specifications


System type:Active Studio Monitor

Low-Frequency:8" Fiber Glass Composite woofer

High-Frequency:1" soft silk dome tweeter

Frequency Response:35Hz -35kHz

Max Peak SPL:108 dB

Amplifier Class:Class A-B

Power Output:160W

High Frequency:80W

Low Frequency:80W

Input Impedance (Ohms):10 K Ohm balanced

HF Level Adjust:-2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB

Low Frequenzy Cutoff: 50Hz, 65Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz (12db / octave)


Input Connectors:

- Unbalanced RCA

- Balanced 1/4" TRS

- Balanced XLR

Enclosure Construction:MDF

Finish:Black vinyl wrap

Port Configuration:Rear round port

Dimensions (D x W x H): 12.5“ (317mm) x 10.1" (257mm) x 13.8“ (351mm)


Weight:8.9 Kg


Monitor M8 English Manual
(Version 30.06.2014)
Resident Audio_M8_manual_English_PDF.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB

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